Practice 2: Initial Clothing Blockout (LB 3)

Practice 2

Base Clothing

I started rapid-fire prototyping on Daenerys’s costume this week, putting down most of the major shapes and pieces. I started out on her top, attempting to work out how to create that evenly-gathered look in the draped shirt and sash. I ended up creating pleats stitched roughly together at spaced-out intervals – this is a decent approximation of the look but still a bit too uniform, and something I plan to revisit. The vest base was quite straightforward – I simulated it in a leather material to capture the stiffness of the final piece covered in strips of fabric and tacked the collar into place.

The pants were based on a simple fitted pants block, and because this pattern doesn’t have to exist in real life, I was able to get an even closer fit by adding a slight stretch to the material. I’m still slightly struggling with the skirt shape, since it’s fairly full at the top but tapers out at the bottom; I may consider adding creases or pleats to force the volume to constrict further down. For the leather leg armor, I simply stitched down a series of geometric shapes at their corners to the pant seams, and then hid the lower portion of the pants – they’ll exist for the sake of simulating but will be hidden/deleted from the final result.

The gloves, shoulder draped piece, and sash were all patterned via basic shapes and then trial-and-error. Marvelous’s fitting tools are excellent, allowing me to see where there is extra tension on a piece that could lead to stretched geometry later.

All in all, quite a successful week! I’ve been generally struggling with my speed in sculpting, so I’m very pleased at how much I was able to knock out in such a short time. It helps that I expect to do a fair amount of refining later, so I can just roughly block out these shapes without concern for their perfection.

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