That’s How We Roll

Software/Medium: Adobe Flash
Genre/Platform: Action, PC
Project Type: Coursework (team)

That’s How We Roll is a fast-paced adventure-platformer game that turns regular gameplay on its head. Indirect controls and rapid changes in perspective allow the player to use their reflexes and creativity to guide a cluster of creatures through their hazardous underground world.

This project, for the course Data-Driven Game Design, focused heavily on gathering and integrating player feedback through a series of iterations. Because we were publishing on Kongregate and later Newgrounds, we had a large set of public player data to analyze, and made quite a few changes to level progression/difficulty scaling, tutorial clarity, and challenge mechanics by the final version.

My Role

I was primarily a programmer on this project. I worked on the underlying physics logic, as well as implementing the tutorials and UX/UI. I also did the majority of the graphic design work, using assets created by our artist. As with all game projects, the team contributed equally to the concept and design of the mechanics.


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