Software/Medium: Objective-C, Cocos2D-X, Photoshop
Sandbox Platformer, iOS
Project Type:
Coursework (team)

Bunny-In-A-Box is a sandbox platformer in which you help a jack-in-the-box bunny make its way through a toy factory by placing and moving platforms. Once the level sequence has started, dynamically slide your platforms horizontally or vertically to guide the bunny to his box and avoid the enemies.

This team project brought the challenge of a new platform (mobile gaming on iOS), with a focus on implementing a basic physics engine and functionality for various devices. In order to accommodate the smaller screen space, we took care to use as little text as possible, conveying information to the player via animations/pictorial tooltips.

My Role

I was primarily a programmer on this project. I worked with our artist to implement the tutorials and UX/UI, and coded many of the drag-and-drop sandbox elements. As with all game projects, the team contributed equally to the concept and design of the mechanics.

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