Software/Medium: Lightroom, Photoshop, Infinite Color Panel, Canon DSLR
Reference/Source: Multiple
Project Type: Independent (solo, collab)

I first got into photography as a way to showcase my own cosplay work, and soon found I enjoyed shooting a variety of subjects. I do the majority of my color grading in Lightroom, and then pull files over to Photoshop for localized adjustments and beauty edits. Often I’ll try to match the source (TV show, game, comic) look and feel when it comes to colors/stylized elements for the most accurate representation of the scene.

Photography + Editing

A collection of before/after (raw/final) images that I both photographed and edited. I take all self-portraits by remote trigger on a tripod.


I sometimes do the editing portion of photos taken by other photographers, especially when highlighting my own costume work. All example photos taken by Ardent Cosplay and edited with permission & feedback.

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