Aloy Armor

Software/Medium: ZBrush, Keyshot, 3D printing
Reference/Source: Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)
Project Type: Independent (solo)

Replica of the armor pieces from Aloy’s Carja Storm Ranger outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn, eventually intended to be 3D printed for cosplay. This project was mainly an exercise in hard-surface modeling with ZModeler, focusing on clean low-poly topology and clearly defined edges/creases for subdivision. I used non-destructive boolean layers to add the detail lines and complex cutouts while continuing to tweak the underlying geometry. I made liberal use of the in-game camera mode to examine the reference armor pieces from all angles, but as the details were limited by texture resolution, there was a fair amount of room for interpretation. In general, it was a good exercise in attempting to replicate Horizon’s distinct style as closely as possible.

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