Cottage Sculpt, UVs, Texturing (MP 10)

Final Major Project

The cottage was a bit of a mess for most of this project, as I never wanted it to be the focus, and I constantly fought with making detailed and interesting shapes while not having elements too oversized or cartoon-y. I think some of the proportions are still off, and there’s maybe a few too many embellishments (I can’t stop myself!) but I’m proud of my first real foray into architecture work. I did all of the sculpting in ZBrush where I’m most comfortable, retopo and UVing in Maya, separated out like materials, and then adjusted the UVs to keep all of my texels consistent. Finally, I textured the piece in Substance Painter, making liberal use of some very advanced pre-made materials such as the windows, roof, and door.


Foreman, M., 2021. Substance 3D Assets – Medieval Village. Available at: [Accessed 8 July 2022].

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