Marvelous Refining & Retopology (MP 9)

Final Major Project

I finalized all of the elements in Marvelous Designer this week and did my final simulation and export. I added a quick extra at the end: the thread and ties that the necromancer sews onto the skeleton’s arm. This remains by far my most complex MD work to date, which I wish I had considered before it came time to retopo everything…

I did my usual retopo method for clothing by ZRemeshing the flat pieces, refining them heavily in Maya’s quad draw, and then manually adding tons of lines and divisions to better follow the contours of the high-poly garments. I also tried to stitch together pieces wherever possible to avoid small gaps in the final low-poly piece. The characters together are about 100k polys, with the necromancer taking up 2/3 of that count. I expect they’ll end up a bit higher once I add the other accessories, but that’s not bad at all for current-gen game characters.

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