Final Poses (MP 7)

Final Major Project

It was important to me that the characters had strong, dramatic poses that quickly indicated to the viewer what their relationship dynamic was. I tend to make my poses too subtle and under-dramatic, forgetting that these characters will mostly be viewed from a distance and their full backstory likely won’t be known by the viewer – their pose has to show all of that at a glance. I started with basemeshes from 3D Scan Store (woman) and Fabricio Works (skeleton), and created rigs using Maya’s rigging system. It took quite a lot of refining of the skin weights and bones, but I now have them in dramatic poses that fit well together. I wanted the necromancer to be a little hunched and tired but obviously caring for the skeleton, who’s a little meek and confused as he towers over her.


Fabricio Works, 2019. Free Base mesh – Human Skeleton. Available at: [Accessed 29 May

3D Scan Store, 2020. Ultimate Female Base Mesh. Available at:
[Accessed 28 May 2022].

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