Artist Inspiration: Emmanuel Lecouturier

Final Major Project

Although this piece focuses on lighting within Marmoset, whereas I’ll (hopefully) be showing off my characters in UE5, the basic fundamentals remain the same. I was struck by the simplicity of the setup and yet how dramatically it shows off a character with a very similar vibe to my necromancer and skeleton. The rimlight is more subtle than I usually see, which emphasizes the edges of the monochromatic clothing and hair without looking too synthetic; it could almost be moonlight or reflection rather than obvious studio lighting.

The texturing work is also excellent – the dirt pass and small visible threads and tears add so much realism to a relatively simple character design. These are elements that I definitely plan to add to both my characters for that living-in-the-woods digging-up-corpses aesthetic.


Lecouturier, E., 2022. Presentation, Lighting, and Hair Creation for a Sorceress Character. [image] Available at: [Accessed 9 July 2022].

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