Practice 2: Early Texturing (MS 7)

Practice 2

Substance Materials in Marvelous

I’ve had a play around with some textile/color options for the necromancer character just with previously-downloaded Substance Source materials. I’ve generally had some materials in mind during construction: leather boots, gloves, and potentially stays; linen undershirt and pants; rough-spun patterned skirts and sleeves. In applying placeholders, I’m generally fairly happy with those broad categories, and with the Eastern European look and feel of the geometric fabric. That said, the dull colors and general monotony leaves a lot to be desired, and I will likely overhaul most of these initial choices. I’d also like a lot more variety in the textiles themselves, applying intentional trim woven along pattern edges rather than simply cut out of a pre-made fabric, and with very few pieces made of the same fabric as I have here.

Color References

In gathering general ‘colors and style’ references, I’ve been particularly drawn to faded jewel tones and earthy greens/browns. The character does have humble roots and her backstory involves sewing most of her own clothing, so while they may have complex textile treatments and a lot of handwork that complicates her overall outfit, the base fabrics should remain accessible. I’ll do a few more experiments swapping out my current fabrics with replacements in a few different color schemes (conveniently, in Marvelous Designer, each fabric is applied to a set of patterns, so changing the geometric white-and-red will adjust it for all pieces where it’s currently used).


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