Practice 2: Conquering Gloves (MS 6)

Practice 2

Glove Patterning

My earlier placeholder design for my necromancer included a simple pair of gauntlets, but this didn’t entirely make sense with her very practical character who generally avoids combat. Instead, I’ve decided to give her a pair of fingerless gloves, appropriate for both sewing and digging up corpses. I admit, in all my long years of sewing and patterning garments in real life, I’ve never made a pair of gloves…and I now know why! They’re enormously fiddly patterns – even with a few dozen google searches, attempting to trace multiple diagrams, examining pairs that I physically own, and watching Youtube videos of people sewing them together, I genuinely couldn’t figure out which parts were meant to line up with which seams.

I finally managed it by referencing a pair of men’s Renaissance Faire gloves that simply had letter labels, matching up A->C and B->D…a little embarrassing, but I do now have a pair of functional, fitted gloves for her to wear!

I’d like to add a lot more detail complication to them – these are great candidates for quilted or embroidered detailing, large visible stitching, straps, and perhaps a little more lacing (for practicality’s sake, of course, how else would she take them on or off?).

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