Practice 2: Hair Blockout + Fabric Detailing (LB 5)

Practice 2

Small Pattern Update

In looking back at my reference images from some of Daenerys’ actual clothing from the show, I noticed a frequent use of accordion or sunray pleating. I’ve been having trouble with the drape of my character’s skirt and arm wrap, and applying this simple pleat style really helped achieve the drawn silhouette. Although this type of pleating doesn’t necessarily show up in the concept art, I figure I can take some liberties if they’re in line with the inspiration.

I also created something of a ‘lettuce hem’ effect on these two pieces by adding 150% elastic on the edges along with seam taping; this makes it appear as though there is a small rolled hem on the edge (as would be done on any chiffon or lightweight fabric piece) without actually having the geometry to create it.

Fabric Detailing

In general, I was able to incorporate a lot of good folds and details within Marvelous itself, but there were still a few things I wanted to add in ZBrush. Most of the seam lines hadn’t translated over, and I had the idea to incorporate some decorative stitching along all of the gold trim for added detail. I pulled the high-poly version over into ZBrush and started working on the details that would be later baked down.

I also did a simple blockout of the hairstyle, although it will need a lot of refinement – this may be an area that I need to drop for lack of time.

This is what my garment looked like straight out of Marvelous:

And here were some of my stitching options along with the designs I finally went with:

I also spent some time manually adding wrinkles along all of the seams and gathers just to emphasize where the fabric would pull with tension. I made good use of ZBrush’s layers feature, applying a slew of alphas and sculpting areas, and I was then able to tone down the effects for a realistic look.

Finally, I created the gold body ornamentation by sketching onto the base body, creating dividing lines with polygroupit, and running an IMM curve brush along all the specified lines. This allowed me to keep the ornamentation quite low-poly and clean, and consistent in width and depth.

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