Practice 2: Live Brief References (LB 2)

Practice 2

Additional Inspiration

Since the concept art I chose is in a fairly rough, painterly style without indicating a lot of extra detail, I sought out ideas elsewhere: from the two main inspirations to the mash-up piece.

Aloy’s in-game models have a few elements that I’d like to draw upon. There’s a geometric star pattern on most of her fabric parts that appears in several of her outfits, and would be perfect for the navy blue areas on my piece, particularly on the vest. She also has complex gold trim with stitching textures along the armor and fabric pieces, which I would like to incorporate.

Daenerys has quite a few instances where the textile artist added detail using embroidery or smocking techniques. For example, there is dragonscale smocking and arrowhead stitching on her pale blue gown, and subtle pintucks on her white gathered dress, both of which could be easily added in to my design. This may be a two-birds-with-one-stone scenario where I can add the Game of Thrones stitching to recreate Aloy’s complex gold trim.

I also plan to try and recreate one of Daenerys’s braided hairstyles, as the concept art doesn’t have too much detail in the hair. I may deviate from it somewhat and make a tighter braid as to not obscure too much of the underlying garment, but I’m still undecided.


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