Software/Medium: C#, C++, Photoshop
Genre/Platform: Puzzle Platformer, PC & iOS
Project Type: Coursework (team)

B33P is a puzzle platformer game with unique, programming-like controls. Connect a series of action tiles to guide B33P the robot on his adventure, anticipating the movement of enemies and the environment. Push your ingenuity to the limit as you encounter dangerous obstacles and challenging puzzles in your quest to save the planet!

B33P was one of my semester-long projects during undergrad. As the first game project for our team of six, it was a major learning experience in design principles, interdisciplinary roles, underlying engines, and integrating player feedback. I was primarily a programmer and UX/UI designer on the project.

My Role

  • As lead programmer, handled overall code structure and oversaw integration between team members
  • Involved in game concept brainstorming and all subsequent design discussions
  • Designed UX/UI for artist to digitally paint
  • Created all tutorial screens, control board, and other graphic design elements
  • Contributed to documentation and marketing materials

iOS Port

As the original game was developed as a .exe download for PC (self-published and unverified), it was not hugely accessible to a wider audience. After the course was over, I ported the game from scratch to iOS for publication on the Apple app store. This involved re-coding the game for a new engine and language (including major modifications to the code logic), adjusting the UI for the new aspect ratio and touch input, and going through the submission/editing process for publication.

Apart from obtaining permission and occasional check-ins with the rest of the team, the port was a solo project.



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