Final ZBrush Detailing (MP 12)

Final Major Project

I’m back into ZBrush for finishing touches and a few small sculpted accessories before I call these characters done. I created a needle and a set of repeated beads for the Necromancer’s necklace, along with a bunch of Celtic knot and Nordic filigree symbols all over hard-surface elements like belt tips and brooches. Mainly these were done with alphas, with a few sculpted over drawn designs.

I’ve also adjusted the necromancer’s face once again to put her in a more pleasant expression and make her even more realistically elderly.


Artem Shupa-Dubrova, 2021. ZBrush — 50 Belt Buckles. Available at: [Accessed 12 August 2022].

sajjad, 2022. 20 Viking Symbols Zbrush Brush + Alpha – VOL 02. Available at: [Accessed 4 August 2022].

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