Necro Accessories, Skele Refining (MP 3)

Final Major Project

The necromancer’s Marvelous Designer look is pretty much nailed down at this point, for at least the larger pieces, and I’ve started adding some accessories. I’ve been struggling with the necromancer’s proportions, especially with how bottom-heavy her costume is, so I tested out adding a hat and I think it perfectly balances things out. I’m also happier with some of the textile choices and colors, although now her skirts feel a bit empty compared to the rest. This would be a great time to add some of that smocking detail I tested out during my planning stage.

I also added a few elements to the skeleton to make him look a little more detailed and disheveled: boots, a second wider belt, and some legwraps. He’s half Viking, half Greek hoplite but I think it works!

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