Practice 2: Pants Patterning (MS 4)

Practice 2


I decided to get started on blocking out/testing various pattern ideas with the pants portion of the necromancer character, since that’s possibly the area that I have the surest idea about. In general, I’m imagining her wearing many different draped layers, with a pair of loose, poufy pants and a few gathered or hiked-up skirts over top – I’d like to do some complex draping and have many different textiles, but still have her wearing something more practical than just skirts for adventuring.

These are three of my favorite styles from the collection of concept art I’ve gathered:

Pattern Testing

I sought to recreate several of the designs (as well as get in a bit of good patterning practice – pants are some of the most complex garments to fit!). I didn’t nail them down exactly, but rather played around with a few extra details and shapes. This wasn’t too complicated – I took basic pant block patterns and simply enlarged them at the waist or calf for different effects.

Options: Rendered

And here’s what they look like with basic materials applied and rendered in CLO! My favorite pair is the center one with the pleated waist, but I also really like the lacing detail from the LHS ones…and the asymmetrical drape from the RHS. In typical indecisive fashion, I started working on combining all three!

Design Combinations

Here’s where I ended up with the pants – I used the pleated pair as the base, but changed the proportions somewhat to better fit over the top of her boots and create a fuller silhouette higher up. Otherwise, the pants looked rather droopy and almost like they were pulling at the boots – not a very flattering silhouette. I took elements from the asymmetrical pair and created the first layer of the skirt, and moved the lacing to the sides of the legs where it would be more visible amongst the layers. I do think there are still some proportion issues, but it’s getting there.


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