Practice 2: Scene Setup + Final Renders (LB 8)

Practice 2

Scene Setup

My scene setup in Marmoset was fairly straightforward: a canyon HDRI mainly to add a small amount of universal light and for a nicely blurred background (default with the program), a couple slightly colored fill lights primarily in front, a large warm light in the upper RHS to emulate sunlight, and a neutral rimlight to emphasize details. I added a minor amount of post-processing to the camera but generally left the scene as-is.

Final Renders

I tried a few options for the final renders, both on a neutral colored background with a vignette and with the HDRI. I think the neutral shows off the sculpt marginally better, while the HDRI gives more context to the scene. Neither are particularly dynamic, however, and I would eventually like to go back and tweak the presentation.

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