Practice 1: Development 1 – 3D Printing (D1 – 1)

Practice 1

Main Plan

For my development project, I’ve decided to take my 3D printing weekly assignment a step further and create a full character. I’m continuing to work off of this concept art of Laudna from Critical Role, as I think it would be very suited for printing a miniature figure: it has a fair amount of detail but not too many protruding parts, and I can fill in the lower layers of her skirt solid so there shouldn’t be too many thin parts. It’s also a great opportunity for me to practice both garments and hard-surface accessories.

Things to resolve

There are definitely a few things I’m concerned about right off the bat. First off, I’ve never truly gone through the entire character pipeline, so I’m unsure whether I’ve chosen a project with too large of a scope. Assuming I can pull it off, I’m mainly worried about creating her hair and the holes in her skirt. Previously, I’ve made hair from XGen, but for printing it will obviously need to be sculpted, and those thin strands could present an issue for the printer. Ditto for her torn hem – islands are always an issue for 3D printing, so I’ll likely have to fill in the holes with a recessed piece of fabric rather than leave them floating.

Overall, I adore her character design and I’m excited for all the challenges I’ll be tackling with this one!


Friederichs, H. (2021). Laudna Character Portrait – Critical Role. [Image]. Available at: [Accessed: 4 November 2021].

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