Asura + Golem Build

Software/Medium: EVA foam, PVC, LEDs/Electronics, Acrylics, Vinyl
Reference/Source: Inquest Armor & Summon Power Suit Golem (Guild Wars 2)
Project Type: Promotional (solo)

In the MMO Guild Wars 2, Asura are tiny 2-foot-tall characters that summon massive mechs to fight at their side. I had wanted to build an Asura, but as I’m not quite short enough, I figured I had to make a golem for scale! The main body is PVC pipe and foam, covered in LED lights, can be climbed up into, and is easily my largest and most complex build to date.

These cosplays were part of GW2’s Heart of Thorns promo event at PAX 2015, as well as part of Alchemy Art Group’s 2018 holiday charity project.


Work on my golem started with scaling and building the underlying structure, primarily out of various thicknesses of PVC pipe. All pieces were cut and labeled for deconstruction during transport, and tested for load-bearing. I patterned the ‘skin’ using paper draping methods, and constructed it out of various thicknesses of EVA foam (quite the jigsaw puzzle!). I then sealed the foam with many layers of plastidip rubber spray and hand-painted it using acrylics (base coat, gradient shading, and drybrushed scratched texture).


I constructed my Asura garment from mesh fabric, canvas, and vinyl faux leather. I patterned it from scratch, implementing a small hoop structure underneath to provide the correct shape and tweak my proportions. The armor was constructed from Worbla (thermoplastic) and hand-painted with acrylics.

Ley Line Longbow

I constructed my longbow from dremel-carved EVA foam and plexiglass. I sandwiched a piece of transparent vinyl between the layers and hand-painted it with vinyl paints to emulate that glowing magic look. Finally, I painted and weathered the bow with textured grit paint to look like stone, and glued on pieces of moss.

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